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What is DevOps ? Dev-Ops will be the world’s first software that will continuously give improvements to code during the development and operations face of any application.
Does DevOps use Kaban as agile methodology? Yes. The Idea of DevOps is to help companies churn out software as much as possible. This will conversely help them to receive feedback as soon as possible, they can then improve on them. How will DevOps be commercially viable ? DevOps can be used by any company in the world. They can be used in real-time to improve code. Be it project management, tech, etc… How does your software help companies to save cost? We all know that time is money. Well, DevOps will help save a lot of time during the development phase of software development. How can I buy DevOps tokens ? You can buy our token on Pancakeswap, Poocoin, 1Inch or sushiswap Which wallet should I use to store my tokens ? - Metamask - Trust Wallet - Ledger - Safepal - YourWallet​